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RedHat Branding came from technology with a passion to master business tools, customer engagement, and automation. Every project includes us taking the time to understand our client and their goals so we can help them get the most of their CRM.

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There is no one size fits all when it comes to building out a CRM. Our free consultation involves understanding our client’s needs when it comes to their software and finding the right solutions to fit their business. Each sales-cycle is different, so RedHat offers creative ways to design a workflow around the Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities within the software.

CRM Process Design and Implementation

Third Party Integrations

CRM Marketing Campaigns

Custom Objects and Development


RedHat uses two approaches when it comes to helping our clients integrate third party systems into their CRM:

  1. We learn and utilize the systems our clients have in place so their sales and operations “talks” to their marketing and accounting systems with little to no disruption.

  2. We also take time to understand our clients goals so we can research and present additional systems that are needed while being conscious of our client’s budget and needs.