The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post- The Writing Process [Series 1 of 2]


Outline > Write > Edit > Edit > Proof

Have you ever started writing a blog post only to wonder what direction it was going in? We’ve all been there before and probably will be again.

Between the search for content and stress of writing to fit your audience(s), content strategy can be...taxing. The best advice I have ever been given is to find the process that fits my “writing rhythm”.

Over the years I have tried multiple methods and I have finally found what fits “me”. This is not to say this solution will work for everyone. A lot of it will be a refresher for most, but knowing this early on could have saved me a lot of headaches and might do the same for you.

Before we get started, if you are here, you probably already know the importance of creating and maintaining an online presence using a blog. If not, check out our previous post “Four Keys to Starting and Maintaining a Strong Content Marketing Strategy”.

The coffee is made. My favorite pen is near me (though, I know I won’t use it). It is time to start.

The Writing Process


The First thing I do is what every teacher taught us. I outline. I start by throwing my thoughts down as fast as they come. Know you are not going to love everything you write down. That’s okay. You can address that later. If anything, outlining my thoughts puts my brain in motion.


The next step, write. I like to turn my outline into paragraphs as I edit from top to bottom. Don’t worry about the format, flow, or grammar. Put your thoughts on the page at the rate your brain gives them to you.


For the first edit, I like to start by removing unnecessary words.

You will want to make sure you shorten the blog’s sentences without losing the message. Shorten the sentences without losing their messages.

Be cognitive of repetition and reiterating the same point (see what I did there?)

Edit Again!

Follow the editing process one more time. You will be surprised what you missed. I usually take this time to grab a cup of coffee or knock out a song or two on the guitar. It helps clear my mind and address it with a fresh focus.

My “Rough Read”

I take this time to read the article as though I am a casual reader finding my blog for the first time. Is there too much lingo? Are my perspectives and verb tenses consistent throughout?


This is the part of the process where grammar and spelling are corrected. It is also a good time to check the internal and source links throughout the blog. One last read and I am done. Post it. Promote it.

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