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3 Easy Steps to Increasing Email Campaign Clicks

I want to share a success story I had with one of my clients. 

One company I have been working with for quite some time has remained pretty consistent with their blog. Their site is active and they have done a lot of great things to gain traction online. What sets them apart from others in their industry is that they go after partner channels rather than individual merchants. This requires them to know and share a lot of technical details with their partners that can sometimes be overwhelming.

The open rates of their email campaign were always above average, but the click rates remained stagnant. We recently made one small change and their click rate jumped by 800% (that is not a typo). Find out how we did it.

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The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post- The Writing Process [Series 1 of 2]

Have you ever started writing a blog post only to wonder what direction it was going in? We’ve all been there before and probably will be again.

Over the years I have tried multiple methods and I have finally found what fits “me”. This is not to say this solution will work for everyone. A lot of it will be a refresher for most, but knowing this early on could have saved me a lot of headaches and might do the same for you.

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