Case Study: The Benefits of Targeting Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Message

For many companies, offering a variety of services can muddy the “marketing water”.

Let’s use pet sitting as an example. There is no question households are searching Google with keywords similar to “in-home pet care” or “pet sitting”. But what if the keywords were more specific? What if instead of placing all of the “marketing eggs” in the “pet sitting” basket, the search terms were more specific to their cat…or dog…or even hamster? Capturing these types of search terms and paying for clicks that focus on targeted keywords can help showcase the specifics services prospects are looking for.

But buying additional search terms from Google is not enough. Capturing the attention of new website visitors requires putting the information each user is looking for front and center on the landing page. This would be hard to do by directing every visit to the homepage. It requires a different landing page for each campaign. The good thing is that the content is more than likely already on your website. It will, however, require a page format that can be read easily and fast.

Case Study

In a recent kickoff meeting I had with a client, the pay-per-click performance topic came up. There really wasn’t a huge issue with their pay-per-click advertising. They were receiving impressions and clicks, but they were not seeing much traction from their efforts and wanted input on how to increase its effectiveness.

As I researched their pay-per-click advertising, I noticed a trend that needed attention. They were running three generic campaigns, each specific to three different consulting services. All three campaigns were directing the search traffic to their homepage which basically served as a landing page. We all know, you only have a few seconds to capture the audience’s attention. If they can’t find what they are looking for fast, they are off to the next site and you are $2-$5 in the hole to Google. Their users from pay-per-click advertising did not want to put in the work to learn about their company then search the website for the services from the ad. They want details on the services THEN to learn about the company.

So what did we do?

We build three new landing pages, each designed for the specific consulting services they were advertising. We were able to showcase specifics for each service and placed it front and center on the landing page with a call-to-action on each page. Similar to the example above, this built credibility in the specific field and gave the users relevant information to their search within seconds.

The Results

An increase in pages per session, longer visits, and more interaction. But by how much?

Impressions vs Click Score
Before: 9.1% | After: 12.9% | ↑ 29.5%

Page Visits Per Session
Before 2.5 | After 4.25 | ↑ 41%

Duration on Website
Before 3:12 | After 4:21 | ↑ 26%

We found a change in traffic. Users were more likely to land on the page designed around their specific search term then navigate through the site to learn more about the company. They spent more time and energy on their website increasing the overall engagement. The best part? the budget remained the same for pay-per-click advertising and the effectiveness increased.

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