3 Easy Steps to Increasing Email Campaign Clicks


I want to share a success story I had with one of my clients. 

One company I have been working with for quite some time has remained pretty consistent with their blog. Their site is active and they have done a lot of great things to gain traction online. What sets them apart from others in their industry is that they go after partner channels rather than individual merchants. This requires them to know and share a lot of technical details with their partners that can sometimes be overwhelming.

The open rates of their email campaign were always above average, but the click rates remained stagnant. We made one small change and their click rate jumped by 800% (that is not a typo).


So what did we do? Employee collaboration. The emails used to come from a generic marketing/info email address. Partners would click on the email, skim the snippet of text, and seemingly discard it without clicking to read more. We wanted a way for search engines to see that clicks are driving results to a new post, and I think we found the answer.

The changes we made were small, but the results were huge.

1- Look for team member Input

Each department within the company is responsible for recommending topics for the blog posts. After all, these individuals are on the front lines when it comes to knowing hot topics and information the customers are looking for (See our Four Keys to Starting and Maintaining a Strong Content Marketing Strategy post). 

2- Write the Article On Behalf of a team member

Once a topic is decided upon, that department is responsible for providing an outline to the content/marketing team where the piece will be written and approved by the management of the department that it came from. 

3- HEAVILY Promote the Article with the team member’s Name

The final step, and probably the most important, is to add a personal touch as to who authored the piece. This should not come from a marketing department. This should come from a particular employees who interacts with your clients regularly. The author should be promoted in the Subject and Preview line of the email. Doing this accomplishes a few things;

  1. Clients have a personal connection with the author. They are more willing to click on a piece if there is a personal connection to it.

  2. It builds credibility among your employees. Having a staff of “experts” in their field builds a tremendous amount of trust among your clients.

  3. This shows versatility in your office. It conveys that your employees are not only part of the industry news, but they dissect it and understand it.

As I mentioned, fast and easy steps with a huge outcome. I will plan to follow this piece up with a look into how Google and other search services react to these clicks. After the page is successfully indexed and the clicks to the blog posts begin coming in from various sources, the results should be interesting.

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